Typing this as I watch some playoff basketball, the first sport I truly loved. Did a full-body workout after work today, consisted of the following:

Leg Press (3×15)

Standing Shoulder Press (3×15)

Walking Lunges (4×10)

Pull-Ups (4×10)

Calf Raises (2×20)

Push-ups (feet on bosu ball, each hand on a medicine ball; 4×20)

Planks (front and each side; 3 x 30 seconds)

Lateral Raises (3×10)

Straight Bar Curl (3×15)

Dips (3×20)

I’ve found the most important part is none of what I just typed (although full body workouts make me feel much better than the bodybuilding style one/two muscle group workouts did) and that is the stretching i do both before and after. I know a lot of fitness literature doesn’t call for stretching, but from what I’ve read, those with either fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis or autoimmune disease in general, the way stretching relieves the inflammation you are inflicting on your body durring workouts is completely necessary. With that being said, I hate stretching, loathe it.

Ran tuesday morning for about 2.54 miles. Trying to get my body used to doing something every single day, and after it is used to it I will gradually start increasing the distance and time I’m exercising every day. 

Well, Heat game is getting good, gotta go watch…

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I’m Back (hopefully)

I wasn’t going to write a “oh I’m gonna start blogging again” post because I always seem to do that, do it for a few days and then disappear. I also tend to write these blog posts at times I am really busy and they never end up having much meaning behind them. 

Lifted weights today and just got done watching the Boston Bruins complete an epic comeback and thought “hey, lets write a post.” I haven’t consistently blogged since I was writing on “RA Runner” which seems like ages ago. I still don’t know EXACTLY what I have, what I do know is that it’s an autoimmune disease (with your two favorites in the clubhouse being Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis, the latter being the one I have officially been diagnosed with). Four separate rheumatologists, including those at Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic, have yet to figure out, so I have given up on the “figuring it out” stage. I have attempted to progress to the “figure out how to live with this stage.”

What would I like the result of this post to be? a kick in the (butt) to get me to blog more, because I do think it helps me even if no one else reads a word. Even if it ends up just being a diary for me. Being in pain for whats going on over two years can take a toll when you don’t have an outlet and internalize everything. 

Here’s hoping.

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Saturday Routine

They say it’s not good for the pain, but what’s a weekend morning without coffee?


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Been a few weeks, with good reason I suppose. A few weeks of having trouble getting out of bed, a few weeks of pain, but I suppose it’s time to hop back on the horse, first stop – new running shoes this weekend and some more manageable 5k’s.

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Stress Attack

One thing I have noticed, is that whenever I have a stress attack, whether it be about work, life, health, money, etc., the attack almost gets to a point of no return where I want to throw things and scream. This attack will last for approximately an hour or so, and then once it subsides, the entire body starts screaming in pain. 

I have not yet figured out a good way to term this, but I do know that stress can exaggerate fibro pain, but I wonder if stress and panic attacks are themselves an actual symptom of fibro, which then leads to the fibro pain afterward? These attacks happen to me at any time, first thing in morning, during the day, and actually more often in the middle of the night. Almost like im trapped in a state of stress, very strange, and then the pain immediately afterward. 

I know that caffeine may only add to the problem (caffeine is also my savior at work and something I have yet to conquer). However, this week was week one of reducing my coffee intake from 3 cups to 2 cups. So far so good.

Third straight week of 3 runs and 2 lift sessions in the book, attempting some DVD Yoga tomorrow morning, heard it is good therapy and exercise for the chronically pained.


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No White Flags

O.K., so I lied, not shutting it off immediately. And seeing as how my writing can be sporadic, I should probably spread posts out. But I read another story, of one my personal heroes, and just felt like I needed to put the link out there. For a guy who watched him make the play during the Saints game, followed his story ever since, and for what he’s doing now to help those with ALS and other debilitating diseases (including Multiple Sclerosis, which affects a close family member) is truly remarkable. I have included links to the most recent Forbes story and the PSA that aired.


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Quick Update

Things going well so far, but I feel an onslaught coming up sometime soon. The “Hit by a Truck” feeling seems to be right around the corner (it’s happened so many times before it’s hard NOT to think it is right around the corner). 

One of the personally worst parts of a disease like this, is that I am a sports obsessed person. After work, I run/exercise/plead with my body, then I sit down and watch sports all night. I watch it knowing that going out and playing basketball, flag football, soccer, softball, just really isn’t such a good idea no matter how much I want to do it. 

I will succumb at some point to the itch of wanting to go out there and play sports, and then I will pay for it dearly, and then I am sure I will come on here and write about it and complain, but “those are the breaks.” 

Currently running a bit over 3 miles at an 8:30 to 8:40 min/mile pace. Also my fingers feel like I want to rip them off right now as I type this, so I’m going to take that cue and shut down the computer.

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First Week into the Training

So I’m a little bit over one week into the training, for what yet? I’m not sure. 

My plan: Get back into a training schedule, see how the body responds after 2-3 weeks, and then decide how to proceed forward.

Ran 3 miles last Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Did full-body weightlifting on Tuesday and Thursday. In the past, this might be disastrous, or it would be after doing it for a few weeks.


What I’m trying differently this time: Working out at night, not early in the morning. What it allows is for a 30 minute stretching session afterwards, whereas in the morning I would not have such time and then would be sitting down all day at the office. It also allows me to be flexible with my mornings. This is important to me as my mornings can vary, they can be extremely painful, extremely stiff, or they can start with extreme fatigue. I’m usually still on high alert when I get home from work, so this seems to be doing o.k. for the time being. 

This week has started with a 3 mile run and just got done with another full-body weight session. Was extremely fatigued at work today, but I believe this is still due to Gasparilla. Events like that, or late nights out, just seem to completely zap me for days upon days, and kick up the pain an extra few notches.

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When the Chronically Pained go to Gasparilla

Pain happens. 

All day walking + chronic disease + drinking + bad sleep = recipe for disaster the next five days. These should be very interesting as I attempt to stick with the running. Speaking of which, 3 runs last week, 2 weightlifting sessions. Get more into that tomorrow, absolutely exhausted and this body needs as much rest as humanly possible over the next few days.

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The Sleeps

This week I encountered what I like to call “the sleeps.” The sleeps involve bouts of interrupted sleep and bouts of unable to get out of bed. I have given this little phenomenon a term because it happens every so often, in a bout a 5 day rapid grouping.

This weeks grouping seem to involve a wake-up sometime between the hours of 3 and 4:30 a.m., wherein I wake up completely not tired. Like I had just woken up for a great nights sleep, the only problem is I have been asleep for five, five and a half hours, and knowing my body the way I do now, that will not cut it for a productive day the next day.

The flip-side of this problem is that when I finally do get to sleep, let’s say by 4, 4:30 a.m., when my alarm goes off in the morning, it is literally impossible for me to get up out of bed. My body seems in such a state of fatigue that does not allow me to move, nor do my eyes open up enough for me to see my way out of bed. I am finally able to get up much later than originally planned.

Thankfully, it seems this last bout is over, or partially. Full nights sleep? Yes. Able to get out of bed first thing in the morning? No.

Here’s to getting up at the sound of that alarm tomorrow.

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